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Best Ideas for Comic Postcards - Increase Sales at Comic Cons

Best Ideas for Comic Postcards - Increase Sales at Comic Cons

The trusty promotional tool enticing sales of your comic books at Comic Cons is indeed the postcard. You'll be able to sell more comic books with this top quality promotional collateral. It's simple really; think of it as an extension of your comic book - more pristine artistry. Comic Postcards are a unique, economically simple way to express more of your work. Careful and creative comic postcard design is crucial.

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To help inspire more aesthetically pleasing designs, we have compiled 10 unique ideas to consider for comic book sales growth:

1. Create your comic postcard with your Hero on the front. On the back your Hero can be writing a message to another "character" or to the villain, eluding and teasing the reader into wanting to know more about your comic book story!

2. Choose a limited edition handmade "never seen before scene" for the front photo of your comic postcard (on the back stamp 100% handmade). Or alternatively organize a series of "Collectable Postcards" with limited copies and have the series fit together like a puzzle piece to tell a story or create some kind of map to Comic Con treasures & prizes!

3. Organize mass mailing of your comic postcard, advertising ahead of time in addition to handing out at the Comic Cons.

4. "Save the Comic Con Date" postcards with event & contact details including your booth # on the back side.

5. Arrange for Invitational postcards to a special signing event.

6. Include a Discount Coupon on your comic postcard.

7. Design "Re-Vision Postcards" - recreate & style different cultural icons by making a series of portraits of the most representative characters from comic books.  This could be ideal for a special limited anniversary edition of the character to celebrate & show off your artistry!  (i.e. Batman, Superman, Spider Man etc)

8. Assemble "Cutout Character postcards" - created to tear out and fold into your 3D comic book character that you can wear on your clothes, jacket, belt loop etc. A great game for the kids who will proudly where their accomplishment and your advertisement!

9. Use a comic postcard as a "Mini advertisement" of all your goods for sale (i.e. comic books, posters, limited edition items etc)!

10. Postcard, turned to tear away business card - or what is often referred to as a tear card.  Great 2-in-1 concept for marketing your comic book coupled with the necessary contact information (which can be easily stored away) to order later!

The creation of an awesome comic postcard is easy as long as you:
- keep the same superior level of artistry
- work with a reputable high quality printer like Litho Ninja
- and can creatively incorporate something simple yet unique that stands out in a crowd

We hope our ideas help unleash some exceptional one of kind concepts to blow your Comic Con attendees all the way to your booth to purchase more of your comic books & other comic related goods (including posters)!

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