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Building Value Into Your Comic Book

comic book valueValue is sort of a tangible thing where comic books are concerned. I mean it's not like your trying to sell people on the joys of having unlimited minutes on their cell phone plan, or talking them into using a different company for their life insurance. Comic books can be touched, and held. They are real and, well...tangible.

To build value with comics you first need an exceptional product. The art matters. The writing and editing matters. The quality of the book matters. These are all characteristics of quality in this industry, and they build your books value. Never ignore them. The creators that ignore them end up with stacks of unsold books rotting in their basements, and nobody wants that to happen.

There are also other less tangible ways to build value though that many of us overlook. Here are a few that come to mind right off the bat.

Be Consistent

It may sound obvious, and it should, consistency builds value. If you are known for doing flawless ink work, or writing an impeccable story, you are valuable. Everything you put your name on has value due to that hard earned reputation.

Build a Team

In comics you are only as good as your weakest link. Great dialogue aligned with crap illustrations will be considered crap overall. Work with good people. If you put your stamp on a book that isn't amazing, your reputation will tarnish and your value will diminish.

Be Smart

When it comes to your comic, be smart with your advertising, your promotion, and your marketing overall. Advertising can be a wonderful tool for creating value, but it can also be an incredible easy way to loose value. Use that giant brain of yours. Research everything, take this seriously, and spend some money. If you really believe in this product which you have created, then spending money on it is a no-brainier. If you are afraid to spend your money on it, you either have created a book that you know is imperfect, or you lack confidence. Either way you are bound to fail.

In the end value is subjective. There will always be those who find no value in what you do, or have done. Focus on those who see it and ignore the rest.

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