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Choosing Paper Weight for Printing Comic Books

Choosing Paper Weight for Printing Comic Books

One of the most important decisions you can make with printing a comic book is deciding how heavy or thick you want your paper to be. So what paper weight should you use to print your comic book? Well, that depends on your preference of appearance and cost.

Litho Ninja Comic Book Printer defaults to print comics on 70lb gloss text stock to give them a weight that’s sturdy enough to last through multiple reads, but not too heavy to be cumbersome. This thickness also prevents dark colors from showing on the reverse side of a page. If you are unfamiliar with different weights of paper, consider that standard copy paper used in your home printer is normally 20-24lb.

In printing terms, a premium cover or plus-cover comic book is when the cover is a thicker stock than the inside pages and a self-cover is when the cover stock is the same as the inside. Litho Ninja Comic Book Printer defaults it’s premium covers to 100lb gloss text. So you can also consider having a thick glossy cover, with thinner glossy pages on the inside.

Litho Ninja offers a wide range of paper stock that one can use to print their comic books. With offset printing and numerous paper stocks to choose from, Litho Ninja offers what you need to produce the ideal quality comic book.

Please submit a custom print request if you have a specific paper type and weight that you want for your comic book.


Courtesy of Litho Ninja - Comic Book Printer

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