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Comic Book Print File Ready Tutorials by Litho Ninja

Comic Book Print File Ready Tutorials by Litho Ninja

NEWS FLASH! Hurry, come watch our new Comic Book Design Video Tutorials created to help avoid the most common print file mistakes plaguing the Comic Book industry today. We want to exterminate all those print file bugs before they wreak havoc on all your awesome Comic Book artwork

In keeping with our friendly customer service, we have created a place for you to go to find some peace of mind that what you send to the comic book printer is what you expect to get back from the printer. The series of tutorials will include:


Upon graduation of your Comic Printing Tutorials you will know everything there is to know about eliminating print file errors before your comic book (or comic related poster, postcard and flyer) ever reaches the printer. A happier you receiving a perfect comic print makes a happier Litho Ninja receiving a perfect print ready file. Your comic book need not bleed unecessarily.  And rest assured Litho Ninja will keep fighting for your happiness!

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Join the Litho Ninja comic printing community today and let Litho Ninja relieve your stress!

Litho Ninja Tutorials (Part 1) - Using Comic Book ... for Custom Comic Book Related Print...

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