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Create a Wikipedia Article About Your Comic Book

wikipedia logoWikipedia is one of the most popular tools on the Internet. Roughly 13 million people visit the site each day. About 367,000 of those people choose to edit information, and about 8,000 people decide to write a new page. I propose that today you be one of those 8,000.

Writing a Wiki article is pretty simple. Begin with a paragraph that describes the comic. What's the plot, the story line? Where does the story take place? What is the genre? Make sure and answer the important questions right off the bat.

In the next section list and describe your characters. Make sure and use subheadings. Here's an example:

Real name Bruce Wayne, crazy rich billionaire crime fighter. Masked vigilante who seems to always be avenging his parents death.

Now write about yourself. Do not use the words, I, me, or my. Write this section as if someone else was writing it.

If you have multiple issues published, list them here along with a synopsis of each issue.

Note: Do not try and sell your comic book here. It is frowned upon. Use Wikipedia as a promotional tool, as a way to build SEO, or for the simple joy that comes with the knowledge that your comic is now part of the biggest website ever! But I repeat, don't try and sell your comic.

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