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History of Comic Books

history of comic booksThe comic book as we know it today is a softcover magazine of sequential artwork (a number of pictures in order) and words that when used together tell a story. The cover is usually a glossy paper with the interior of a higher quality paper with the consistency of newspaper. The spine is usually held together by staples.

Comic books today cover a variety of subjects. There are horror, fantasy, sci-fi, crime, real life, and many other subjects that comic books cover. The subject most comic books have become known for is superheroes.

The origin of the word Comic book comes from the comic strip, generally ran in newspapers. Some argue however, that the comic in its purest form has been seen in early cultures, such as Egyptian wall art and prehistoric man cave paintings. The word, "Comics," is still associated with both comic books, comic strips, and even comedians.

Comic books were first introduced in America in 1896 when publishers started producing collected groups of comic strips that where found in newspapers. The collections did very well, and prompted the publishers to come up with new stories and characters in this format. The reused content from the newspapers eventually gave way to new and original content that became the American comic book.

Everything changed with Action Comics #1. This comic book introduced us to the character Superman in the year 1938. The character and comic was extremely successful and paved the way for future comic book publishers and new heroes such as we have today.

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