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How to Calculate the Number of Pages in a Comic Book

How to Calculate the Number of Pages in a Comic Book

A common question we receive at Litho Ninja Comic Book Printing is in reference to page count. If you’re trying to determine the number of pages that makeup your comic book, then this article will help you define that.

First and foremost, it should be noted that a comic book page is not the same thing as a sheet of paper. A page is a single side of a sheet of paper. Therefore, a single sheet of paper is actually two pages, one page on the front and one page on the back.

Think of it as a book that has page numbers listed throughout. Each page has it’s own respective page number and each time you turn the page, a new page number appears.

As for double-spread images, these are made up of 2 pages because the image is printed across two separate pages and should be accounted for when calculating the page count for your comic book.

Litho Ninja only requires that you enter the number of interior pages when submitting your order. Your comic book cover should NOT be included in the interior page count.

Therefore, if you have 20 interior pages for your comic book, you would enter a “20” interior page count when submitting your order. You will then select the type of cover you want to include with 20 interior page comic book and Litho Ninja will piece the book together based on the specifications of your order.


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