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How to Make the Best Flyers for Comic Cons

How to Make the Best Flyers for Comic Cons

The second you enter Comic Cons, it's sensory overload!  With hundreds of booths and thousands of items to see, the million things that come to mind can literally shut you down.  The biggest challenge is bringing customers to your booth to see your comic books. There are lots of tricks & gadgets and other attention grabbing schemes but being prepared with the right tools can guarantee a better conversion rate to $$$.

Next to business cards, flyers are perhaps the most widely used printed marketing materials available. Comic book flyer printing is catchy, economical and can deliver the quick message most effectively with intelligent design.

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Here are some flyer tips to keep in mind with your design:

1.  Grab Attention

A comic book flyer is only as good as the attention it grabs.  Attractive and eye-catching flyers can be achieved through bold colors, thought-provoking images and stunning word-play. 

2.  Ensure simplicity & easy to read

Don't make your customers wade through long, dense paragraphs.  They want to get to the point — and fast.  Avoid clutter. Test your comic book flyer, make sure it can be seen & read from a distance.  White space is highly advisable- remember it's easier on the eye.

3.  Clear View of what you want to achieve

If you aren't clear about the end result how will your customer figure it out?  Concentrate on just one theme to eliminate any confusion.  Unveil the benefit to your customer.  

4.  How to Buy

Don't forget to give instructions on how to buy your comic book work on your flyer!  This can typically be found at the top of the lower third quadrant of flyer towards the right.  Make it simple for your customer to buy your comic book work.

5.  Use incentives

Add value to your comic book flyers with the use of coupons, free giveaways or other great offers.  For example, if you purchase merchandise before noon, you receive $4 off your purchase.  Not only will this draw clients to your booth, but it gives an incentive to do so.  Don't forget, one booth of comic books looks just like another booth of comic books. To entice customers to stay and browse your comic books, posters, flyers and postcards, you have to offer incentives.

6.  Know your audience

When determining the tone of your flyer, keep in mind the type of audience who will be reading it.  Tailor your message to the correct gender, age, and demographics of your audience - the comic book flyer should be catchy and exciting, but not pushy.  Be sure to demonstrate the benefits to the customer without droning on about your business.  Use the words “you” and “your” rather than “we,” “us,” “our” and “I.” This creates familiarity and lets the customer know that they come first.

7.  Emphasize powerful words

Highlight power words and phrases that grab the attention of clients.  Here are some examples:

Limited Copies
New Launch
Life Altering
Action Packed

8.  Design to Sell

Always include your contact details (email, phone, fax, website etc).  If you want them there don't forget to tell them when and where!  Post your comic book flyers at least one week before the event as well as handing out during comic cons.  Don't forget to also print posters and postcards!

9.  Brand with your Logo- your unique style.  

Pick a design style and stick with it.  Over time customers will recognize your flyers before they have even had a chance to read them.  But don't confuse your logo with your main headline image.  Your image represents your "ONE Theme or Concept" (main message for your flyer's event) your logo & unique design style should appear on every flyer for future events.  Logo's can often be found at the bottom of the page and often in smaller font.

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10.  Last but not least, Tidy up

Check the layout- does the message flow smoothly?  Is there enough white space to un-clutter the message?  Will the reader's eye focus on the center of your page?

Keep these tips in mind for creating the best comic book flyer for Comic Cons.  You will have a better chance of getting your flyer read instead of being found at the bottom of a trash can!  An intelligent flyer design coupled with easy-to-read, well-written thought provoking words & stunning images will gain attention and bring more clients & dollars to your booth.  The increased sales of your comic books will more than out weigh the minimal cost for printing flyers- creating incentive towards your booth over somebody elses.

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