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Karl Kesel's Adoption Story Inspires the Internet to Buy Comics

karl keselLate last week, the comics industry took notice when an Oregon newspaper story detailed the situation of veteran writer/artist Karl Kesel, who recently adopted a 15-week-old baby from drug-addicted parents.

Kesel's history in comics was part of why he was chosen, as the adoption agency that facilitated the transfer of custody is one that allows the birth parents to have a say in who takes their child and the birth father said he liked the idea of the kid growing up around conventions and the like, and all the fun that could be. It's also something that's providing for the infant's substantial medical care, as Kesel is selling his decades-old collection of Silver Age superhero comic books to help offset the incredible expense of adopting a child with special health needs.

Their son Isaac racked up $67,000 in medical bills during his first few months of life (it's not clear yet how much of that will be covered by Myrna Kesel's insurance), and it cost another $25,000 to adopt him. Karl Kesel is selling off his collection of comic books to pay the bills, but some Redditors have set up a crowd-funding campaign to help out. You can donate for the next two days.

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