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Litho Ninja Tutorials (Part 6) - Flatten Photoshop Layers for Comic Book

Have you flattened your comic book photoshop files correctly?  Unsure?  Watch this sixth video in a series of tutorials to achieve superior quality comic book prints. This comic book tutorial video will discuss:

  • How to flatten photoshop images before saving in high resolution (PDF or TIFF).
  • Unforseen print errors by not combining all various layers into a single layer (image).
  • Recommend saving an extra copy of your photoshop with layers file before flattening.


In order to avoid any unforseen print errors, be sure to always flatten your photoshop files before submitting to the printer!

Also check out our technical specifications detailing all the basic guidelines for the files you plan to upload in your print request.

Download print templates here to further assist with your correct file layout! 





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