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Make Big Money Selling Your Comic Posters

Make Big Money Selling Your Comic Posters

In addition to selling your comic books, are you selling comic posters as well? You should be! Why? Simple. Cost is low, profit margin is high!

At Litho Ninja, it costs less than a $1 to print per poster (around $0.80), so your profit margin for what you can sell a poster for is way more than other printing material. For example, pay $0.80 for a poster, sell it for $8 for example and you octupled (fancy for 8x!) your money! And $8 is cheap! What if you're able to sell them for $15, $20, or more. Signed posters for $35, $50, or more. Or go the other way with it, sell them for $5 and you still have a high profit margin.

No matter how you look at it, the money is there! Or even if you handed out free posters, free signed posters, it's a very cheap form of advertising. Using posters for advertising, which is a great, I'll save for a different article.

Also with posters being so cheap, it's economical to print different posters of your artwork. Give attendees at the convention, for example, different poster options to choose from and to see which sells best. Printing posters is fast as well. If you're on a tight schedule, there's a convention right around the corner, or whatever, contact Litho Ninja and have your comic posters in your hands quick.

With it being comic convention season, it's a great time load up on posters!

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