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Tap into Emotion for Best Way to Sell Comic Books at Comic Cons

Tap into Emotion for Best Way to Sell Comic Books at Comic Cons

It's tried and true there’s no denying it!  People are more likely to pull out the cash for comic books at Comic Cons when they feel some kind of emotion either for the product or the person selling it.  The key is to creating an unforgettable experience that the customer can either relate to or never wants to forget.  But how do you tap into a stranger's emotion?  It's simple really- just remember one thing, focus on the 5 senses and you can’t go wrong:

Sight_comic_book_printing.jpg1.  Eye Catching Experience - (SIGHT) - this goes back to an earlier blog “Tips To Sell More Comic Books at Comic Cons” where we discuss grabbing attention & freebies.  First impressions are so important.  Have someone present at the booth all day with all your props, banner, display & Give-Aways like flyers, post cards and posters.

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There’s more to it than looking unique.  Work at being approachable too.  Know when & how to start the conversation and ask open ended questions.  Most importantly be prepared with a condensed & creative visually stimulating response when asked about your comic book (i.e. describing Litho Ninja as “Bruce Lee” meets “Kung-fu Panda”).  Last but not least, don’t forget to let Litho Ninja help with all your comic book printing visual needs!

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Sound_comic_book_printing_copy.jpg2.  Hear my Mood Loud & Clear - (SOUND) - Unleash your passion for what you do, go wild- this is the time!  Customers will pay almost anything for that amazing memory to last.  Let them hear your excitement your emotion about your comic book.  Passion is infectious- spread it like the plague!  Do you find coming out of your shell just a little too difficult?  Then come up with other ways for the customer to hear your enthusiasm.  Perhaps display a video (with sound) of your comic book work, or have groovy cool mood music playing at your booth.  Choose the music you would anticipate playing in the background as if your comic book were a movie coming to life.  Believe it or not, research is showing that classical music is the sound of preference to most people.  It actually deters loitering & calms people preparing for a good mood to buy your comic book work!

taste2_comic_book.jpg3.  Treat my Taste Buds - (TASTE) - Who doesn’t love a tasty treat, a reason to take a break when your feet are aching from being on them all day?  Everyone needs a sweet little fuel charge to lift the spirits.  Why not give them a delicious break at your stand?  Remember, they aren’t going to buy if they haven’t stopped by!  Lure them in.  Here’s a cool idea, why not display your comic book artwork on the box or bag of treats or even wrapped around the separate candies?  Litho Ninja can help print on just about anything!  Let us know how we can help?

Touch_comic_book_copy_copy.jpg4.  Touchy Feely and it’s Mine? - (TOUCH) - Would you believe studies indicate that people are more likely to pay for something they have touched vs not?  There’s a feeling of owning it once you touch it.  Suggest (but not force) people to browse through your comic books, posters, flyers, postcards and props.  The more interaction and fun you have the more other people will want to come see what all the fuss is about.

Smell_comic_book.jpg5.  The Power of Scent - (SMELL) - Did you know a scent can keep a customer at your booth longer?  The right fragrance may even bring them back!  The big Hotels, Retailers and other businesses are implementing this concept everywhere every day.  Be sure to pack the air freshener along with all those flashy comic books!

Sight, Sound, Taste, Touch & Smell – they ignite an emotional connection, a sensory explosion.  Tap into the senses (encourage purchasing) & the sales will come.  If you’re going to be selling comic books at comic cons this year, I hope this helps keep the creative juices flowing!  Don’t forget to tell Litho Ninja all about your success.  And remember the 5 Senses for making more cent$! 


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