Tips to Sell More Comic Books at Comic Cons

Are Comic Cons tailgating your drive to success? Did you proudly prepare multiple copies of your comic book only to sell one? Well we would like to help make sure that you leave the Comic Con happily empty handed!  To do so, we would like to share some effective strategies for selling your comic books and other merchandise at Comic Cons.

1. Grab attention

First and foremost, someone has to be present at the Comic Con to do this. The tables & displays aren't going to talk by themselves! With all the excitement everyone wants to wander around being "looky-loos". But your successful competitors are making sure at least one person is staying put and drawing them in.

There are several ways to grab someone's attention – in my experience the best are through your actions, or your props:

Props include banners and displays behind your table, showing your artwork, your logo, & possibly some testimonials. Litho Ninja can help supply banners and displays that roll up for easy transport as well as other prop ideas such as flyers, posters, postcards & stickers etc.

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Your behavior is also a powerful tool for attracting people – and if you're not careful for expelling them too! Would you walk up to someone who sat there looking like they were miserably unable to sell anything? Your performance is key - be approachable & friendly. On the other hand, you can't be too nice. It's far too easy to walk on by with a meager "Hi".

Once they acknowledge you, this is your sign to start up a conversation. This is your hook - focus on them. Come up with a catchy creative question that they can't ignore. Engage. You might try:

Be sure to ask open-ended questions (that start with What, When, Where, Which, Why, Who, How- Tell me, Explain to me, Describe) vs questions (Do you, Will you, Are you, Did you) resulting in a "Yes" or "No" response. "Yes No" answers allow the customer to pass on by in the blink of an eye.

When asked about your comic book, be prepared with a simple but unique response. Ideally you need to be able to do this in 1 or 2 sentences creating a vivid picture in their head. Give them something they can relate to. For example we could describe Litho Ninja with "Bruce Lee " meets "Kung-fu Panda".

2. Give away freebies

Comic Cons and conventions in general are notorious for drawing in customers who want the free Give-Aways. Just like Mardi-Gras, you get home later and wonder what the heck am I going to do with this junk? But for the Comic Con day it's GOLD! Organize to give away flyers, post cards, toys (ie a play foam daggar, or plastic glasses), coloring sheets of your character, or stickers displaying your characters and logo. As the kids dance and wave around their newly acquired "GOLD", they will be helping to market you! Also freebies play on people's emotions. Like the phrase "pay it forward" you freely give away your comic work, they feel obligated to repay the favor. Don't forget to leave contact details on all merchandise- repeat sales are the goal!

3. Offer Incentives

This is a simple yet effective marketing strategy used worldwide otherwise known as "upsell". This sales technique encourages the customer to purchase more but they walk away feeling like they got the best deal ever. Here are some examples you could use:

4. Use Limited Availability

It's human nature to value something more if it were scarce. The fact that something may not be available makes us want it all the more. You may regret not buying an item later. And voilà! You have successfully evoked emotion (engaged a sense of urgency).  For example,

I hope this helps stimulate some ideas for promoting your comic books at Comic Cons. And please let us know how you did? Litho Ninja loves feedback – his swords go wildly swinging in anticipation of hearing back from you. And don't forget, Litho Ninja is eager to chop comic book printing prices in order to speed you on your way to success!