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Inspiring Comic Book Artists

scott mccloud comic books
Inspiration is so completely intangible. It can drive a person mad trying to come up with the next big idea, and then one day you see a poster, or hear a phrase, and just like're inspired. I'm a big fan of inspiration and inspirational writing. I love quotes. So I hope this makes you think, makes you feel, or otherwise makes you happy. Scott McCloud has been in the comic book business for many years....
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Create a Wikipedia Article About Your Comic Book

wikipedia logo
Wikipedia is one of the most popular tools on the Internet. Roughly 13 million people visit the site each day. About 367,000 of those people choose to edit information, and about 8,000 people decide to write a new page. I propose that today you be one of those 8,000. Writing a Wiki article is pretty simple. Begin with a paragraph that describes the comic. What's the plot, the story line? Where does the story take place?...
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Promoting Comic Books with Coloring Books

comic coloring book
Today I'm throwing out an idea, and it's not an original idea either. Sometimes you have to steal when it comes to ideas. A couple of years ago I went to the San Diego Comic Convention and was handed a really cool coloring book. Each page was done by a different artist. All these guys were independent comic book artists by the way, and that's what made it so cool. Even though the idea was...
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How to Fail as a Comic Book Creator

niche comics
Every successful Indy comic has a niche, I guarantee it. Hellboy is, and forever will be a popular read; it has a niche. The same can be said for Bone, and American Elf; they both have a niche. If you think about it, a niche is simply a way to weed out those you already know won't like your comic. By embracing your niche one thing is sure, a large population of comic fans won't read...
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What Does Comic Book Marketing Mean?

comic book marketing
The difference between a successful independent comic creator, and an utter failure, often revolves around an aptitude for marketing. There are plenty of talented and determined creators, but relatively few successful creators. The comic book business is just one of those goofy industries that doesn't automatically recognize talent. If you were to open an amazing pizza place, and you were dedicated to making the highest quality pizza with the most amazing ingredients, I can almost guarantee...
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