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Networking Rules that Every Comic Creator Should Know

comic artist
Networking, the mere mention of the word is intimidating. Networking by definition requires us to step outside of our comfort zone. If that prospect is difficult for a seasoned salesperson, it's double-hard for an artist or writer who spends the majority of the time in a self made sanctuary, warmed by the glow of a computer monitor, and surrounded by batman memorabilia and war ravaged G.I. Joe action figures. Let's face it, Comic book creators are...
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Top 8 Dos and Don'ts of Social Networking with Facebook

facebook logo
Facebook can be a boon to the up-and-coming comic book creator, or a bane to the up-and-coming comic book creator's fan base. The choice is yours. Will you choose door number one, filled with a hoard of loyal followers, or door number two, an empty wasteland of disillusioned fans? Take your time. I don't need an answer right away. While you're muling that question over why not peruse this list of sensible advice sure to increase...
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Take Your Comic Book to Where the People Are

comic book store display
It occurs to me that there are a lot of empty store fronts these days. Large empty windows on populated, well traveled streets. Those windows are like a blank canvas in my mind. A veritable gold-mine for the entrepreneurial artist with an opportunistic eye. I've seen incredible displays decorating the windows of bookstores, but the bookstores themselves choose what will find a home there. What if you could create your own book-display that possibly hundreds of...
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Why do People Buy Comic Books?

buying-comic books
So here we are, trying our best to make a great comic book, but have you ever asked yourself why someone would buy it? Have you ever asked yourself why you buy comics? You do buy comics don't you? Surprisingly, I have met a lot of "comic creators" who don't buy or read comics. Many of them did at one time, but gave it up long ago. Think about that. If you aren't buying comics, who...
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Build a Comic Fanbase, There is Strength in Numbers

comic con fans
Fanbase, tribe, followers, these are simply different terms that essentially mean the same thing. To be successful you need a bunch of people who care about what you're doing. You don't need millions or even hundreds of thousands, it helps of course, but it's not necessary. Your fanbase can encompass a few hundred people to begin with. There's power in numbers Building your fanbase takes a lot of work. It involves an investment of time and...
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