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Building Value Into Your Comic Book

comic book value
Value is sort of a tangible thing where comic books are concerned. I mean it's not like your trying to sell people on the joys of having unlimited minutes on their cell phone plan, or talking them into using a different company for their life insurance. Comic books can be touched, and held. They are real and, well...tangible. To build value with comics you first need an exceptional product. The art matters. The writing and editing...
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Tips to Creating a Comic Book Logo

comic logo pow
It may be the last thing you think of, but the logo for your comic book is an important element of identity. This is true in all branding, of course, but in comic shops, where books can be stacked in overlapping bins, your comic's logo is often the first thing that a potential new reader sees - and it can't hurt to make it as striking as you possibly can. After all, nobody buys a comic...
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Interest In Comic Books Grows

interest in comic books grows
Summer blockbusters like The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises along with digital media have caused a recent peak in comic interest among consumers. According to Milton Griepp, publisher and founder of ICv2, an online trade publication that covers pop culture for retailers, comic sales have risen from $635 million in 2010 to $640 million last year. Digital comic sales have also spiked from $1 million in 2009 to $25 million last year. Retailers said the...
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History of Comic Books

history of comic books
The comic book as we know it today is a softcover magazine of sequential artwork (a number of pictures in order) and words that when used together tell a story. The cover is usually a glossy paper with the interior of a higher quality paper with the consistency of newspaper. The spine is usually held together by staples. Comic books today cover a variety of subjects. There are horror, fantasy, sci-fi, crime, real life, and many...
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Karl Kesel's Adoption Story Inspires the Internet to Buy Comics

karl kesel
Late last week, the comics industry took notice when an Oregon newspaper story detailed the situation of veteran writer/artist Karl Kesel, who recently adopted a 15-week-old baby from drug-addicted parents. Kesel's history in comics was part of why he was chosen, as the adoption agency that facilitated the transfer of custody is one that allows the birth parents to have a say in who takes their child and the birth father said he liked the idea...
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