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The Process Of Creating Comic Books

Creating a comic book is actually a very complicated process. There are many steps the mainstream comic book goes through and can take an army of workers to produce. From idea to press, we'll take a look at what goes into creating a comic book so that you can know what to expect when creating your own. 1. Idea/Concept Every comic book starts with this. It might be a question – I wonder what would...
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How To Create A Comic Book Script

Comic book scripts combine illustrations and text that work in conjunction to tell a cohesive story. While the finished comic relies heavily on graphic elements, it all starts with the text, which not only tells the story but also guides the illustrator on what to draw. Writing a comic book script isn't difficult once you understand the basic format that we outline for you. Step 1 Use standard word processing software to write your script....
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How To Sketch Comic Book Characters

Sketching cartoon characters or even making one up of your own can be great fun. There are many books that concentrate on sketching particular comic characters--but simply perusing the Sunday comics and picking your favorites can lead someone to draw comics. Instructions 1)  Gather supplies and find a comfortable, flat place to work with plenty of space. Determine what cartoons you want to draw and search for pictorial references, Sunday comics or even library books...
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