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Litho Ninja: Technical Specifications

Litho Ninja's goal is to make your online print requests as simple as possible and we ask that you please follow these basic guidelines with the files you plan to upload in your print request.  If you ever have any questions or need clarification before submitting your online order, never hesitate to contact us and we will gladly assist you.

Formatting Files For Upload

  • Litho Ninja accepts print ready PDF files if you're capable of creating these.  If not, no problem because we do accept TIFF files (Tagged Image File Format) as well for each page.  We do not accept any other file types other than PDF or TIFF.
  • The files must be flattened and should contain no extra layers or channels.
  • DO NOT save files using LZW compression because our presses are unable to read your print files if so.
  • Comic books must contain a page count divisible by 4 for binding purposes (4, 8, 12, 16, 20, etc.)
  • Color files may be sent in CMYK or RGB mode; although CMYK-mode is preferred. When printing RGB files there may be a color-shift, especially with flat colors. We ask for CMYK files.
  • Black & white files should be sent in grayscale mode.
  • All files should be sent with a resloution of 300 DPI (Dots Per Inch).

How To Name Files

File naming is very important because Litho Ninja must be able to understand which files are the covers and the order of the pages. Our recommendation is following this file naming process to avoid any confusion:

For the covers:

  • front_cover_exterior
  • front_cover_interior
  • back_cover_exterior
  • back_cover_interior

For the interior pages:

  • 001
  • 002
  • 003
  • etc... 

Zip Your Files Before Uploading

Before you upload your files on the print request form, be sure to zip your files to decrease the file size.  Place all your files in a folder, zip the folder, and then use that for upload.

How To Upload Print Files

The maximum file size accepted on the online order forms is 200 MB and large files can take a good amount of time to upload (over an hour for very large files).  If your file exceeds this amount or you would rather use a quicker method of uploading your files, submit your order and then use our file upload component free of charge.